GZ Media, a.s. is based on more than 70 years of tradition of Gramofonové závody (Gramophone Record Factory) and the company has been constantly expanding its range of products and services. With the support of American capital and under Czech management GZ has developed into a modern business which has a worldwide position among the most important companies in its field. CD and DVD replication, vinyl record production, a wealth of experience in polygraphic production and the very best in customer services are all aspects of the GZ service which are appreciated by thousands of satisfied customers throughout the world.

In 2021, we celebrated the 70th anniversary of the first gramophone record pressing with a magnificent publication that not only maps step by step the historical stages of our company's growth, but also provides valuable testimonies from witnesses and a number of photographs, some of which have never been published.
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  • 1948 - the company was founded
  • 1951 - first LP produced
  • 1972 - first Music cassette produced
  • 1988 - first CD produced
  • 2001 - first DVD produced
  • 2004 - first movies authored
  • 2008 - expansion of printing capacity
  • 2009 - the start of Multimedia hardcover books production
  • 2010 - new unique Vinyl mastering
  • 2011 - construction of new logistic centre with the storage area of 12,000 m2
  • 2011 - started the production of rigid products with a daily capacity up to 100,000 units
  • 2013 - new record reached in vinyl production, 40,000pcs daily – 1,000,000pcs monthly and 10,000,000pcs pressed in a year
  • 2014 - new GZ plant in South Bohemia, in Sobeslav town was opened
  • 2015 - new record in vinyl production - 18 million records per year
  • 2016 - roughly 65,000 records per day in daily vinyl record production and almost 24,000,000 pcs pressed in a year
  • 2017 - GZ becomes the majority owner of a vinyl record factory in Memphis, USA
  • 2017 - GZ opens new pressing plant in Canada, Toronto -   Precision Record Pressing 
  • 2017 - GZ establishes its foundation fund called GRAMOFOND www.gramofond.cz
  • 2018 - French company SNA in Tourouvre belongs to GZ
  • 2018 - new record per day - more than 100,000 records! 
  • 2018 - New aquitision - GZ Media and PBtisk comp. in Příbram, a leading Czech producer of books and bookbinding
  • 2019 - Major development of robotics and automation in manufacturing
  • 2020 - Construction of new printing hall equipped with the latest technology
  • 2021 - Expansion of the pressing plant and increase in the production capacity of gramophone records
  • 2021 - We celebrate the 70th anniversary of the pressing of the first gramophone record and our company
  • 2022 - GZ opens a new pressing plant in USA - Nashville Record Pressing