Vinyl record

Unikátní mastering vinylu & feedback recording.

More than 60 years experience of vinyl production!

The highest quality, a wide product range and an individual approach. In addition we can promise you a top quality service in vinyl packaging. We are setting trends and we are the world leader in this field.
We will convince you that, thanks to unique packaging, the resulting product will be attractive to the market, will gain real added value and will help to sell your company.

All GZ services are accompanied by top-quality support encompassing e.g. completion, storage or delivery of the required product according to the customer’s wishes. The overall philosophy of GZ also applies to the field of vinyl records – you the customer reap the benefit of an optimized process under one roof.

In 2011 we celebrated jubilee anniversary of GZ Vinyl. It was sixty years since the first record went through the factory gates. Put your trust in tradition and experience, from which you too can benefit!