At GZ the production of data carriers is based primarily on guaranteed security. Our strategy is founded on full certification of all replication services for any disk.

GZ Digital Media provides a wide range of options of DVD data carriers for the realisation of customer’s projects. Not only can you choose from DVD 5, DVD 9 or DVD 10, but you can also combine DVD Video and DVD-ROM formats. Everything stems from your individual requirements, which we are capable of handling quickly and economically, to a high standard and in whatever volume is required.


DVD 5 Capacity up to 4.7 GB
Standard - 130 min. of movie (1 audio stream)
Label-print according to customers requests
DVD 9 Capacity up to 8.5 GB
Standard - 130 minutes of movie (up to 8 audio streams) + 30 minutes of bonus material
Up to 300 minutes of movie (1 audio stream)
Label-print according to customers requests
DVD 10 2-sided disc
Impossible to print on (only inner ring printable)
Ideal for combination of NTSC and PAL version (each on one side)
Capacity up to 2x 4.7 GB
Up to 2x 130 minutes of movie (1 audio stream)
Blu-ray BD 25 and BD 50 incl. packaging and printed materials
Technical specification How to prepare CD master/ DVD master
  How to prepare label films
  Technical conditions

GZ offers processing of these DVD formats: DVD VIDEO, DVD-ROM
All above mentioned  formats could be used for DVD 9, DVD 10 and DVD 5 production.

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