Press preparation

The correct and proper preparation of print materials is the first step in contributing to a smooth production process, leading to a satisfied end customer. A thorough inspection of material intended for print is always based on the request of the customer. Our flexible team is ready to consult with you and listen to your ideas and suggestions.

Using a range of professional graphics applications, we can provide professional support throughout the implementation of all plans, from the beginning to the end. In GZ, our services do not end simply with data control and preparation of PDFs for printing. We are fully aware that quality pre-press and pre-preparation is essential for a successful order - so even at this initial stage, we’re exerting maximum effort into every detail.
  • Production of certified digital proofs and their presence in the printing process
  • Ensuring colour harmonization when printing each individual component
  • Preparation of drawings with optional 3D visualizations of the end product
  • Structural design for new packaging
  • Material recommendation
  • Pre-production samples