Special projects

Our product development department is fully capable of creating unique packages tailored to our customers requirements. We have extensive experience in the development of new products as well as modifying existing products!

Development of New Products

We offer a solution based on the customer’s idea of how the final packaging should appear. We can develop a completely new and unique packaging design as well as adapting the functionality of an existing package to the client’s requirements. We can recommend the appropriate materials to use along with an economical and flexible production.

  • 3D Drawings
For an illustrative concept during the new product creation and development stage, we can provide not only our standard drawings, but illustrative 3D visualization packages of the considered product as well.

  • White Samples

We’re able to provide white samples of current and future products on short notice, giving you a very specific idea of how your end product will appear (construction, dimensions, appearance)

  • Printed Pre-Production Samples

Before starting the actual printing of your product, we are able to submit printed samples for each individual product. This gives our customers the option to approve the final layout and artwork, solving any details that may arise before the full project is sent to print.

  • Be part of it!



We give our customers the opportunity to participate directly in the launch of the production process and the approval of the first printed sheets to ensure that everything looks as good in “real life” as originally planned!

Project Management for Special Orders

  • A project manager is assigned to each project
  • Complete coverage of the project – from concept planning to secure distribution
The Project Manager has a comprehensive overview of the entire production process and is usually present (in person) at all major stages of the production process. The Project Manager is thus able to provide our customers with a detailed description of the current situation in production and ensure that everything is of the highest quality and delivered on time.

  • Reporting

The individual steps of the manufacturing process are monitored on a daily basis and reported to our business partners. From the initial background checks in the DTP department to the final dispatch to the customer - all details are carefully monitored and updated so that you receive the most recent information and status over the course of your project.

  • Production samples during production

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