Artwork and problems with graphic data

The most frequent problems with artwork

Our team of graphic designers make a prepress check of your supplied data. They use modern softwares and other equipments for checking of artworks. In case of any differences or troubles with your data, they will provide you all needed and detailed informations as much as possible to give you a possibility to understand a problem and correct data. Please, read all these information carefully and in case you will need detailed explanations, use following supporting material. In case that provided information are not sufficient, don’t hesitate to contact your GZ Account Manager handling your order.
  1. Missing or insufficient bleed
  2. Low resolution
  3. Artwork contains OPI
  4. Images are in RGB or Lab colour space
  5. Missing crop marks or placed template
  6. Incorrect dimension
  7. Missing or damaged fonts
  8. Incorrectly set up overprints
  9. Artwork contains ICC profiles
  10. Artwork contains DeviceN
  11. Total ing coverage is more than 320%
  12. Retouch is needed
  13. Artwork contains transparency
  14. Artwork is offcentred
  15. Incorrect BAR code
  16. Missing or wrong page numbering
  17. Text correction is needed
  18. Text is rastered
  19. Artwork contains guide lines in CMYK which can not be taken off
  20. Missing images (for open formats Indesign, Quark, Corel etc.)
  21. Missing pantone refference number
  22. Customer print proof is different from artwork
  23. Unclear shape of product
  24. Document can not be opened (Damaged file)
  25. Nonconforming with CDSA conditions
  26. Artwork is not PDF or PS file
  27. Texts is too close to crop marks / to outer edge
  28. Artwork is supplied in higher programme upgrade than we can use in GZ
  29. Unsuitable raster for screen print
  30. Document colour scheme is different from purchase order
  31. Number of pages is different from purchase order
  32. Artwork is for different product than was ordered
  33. Document contain negative or colour registered text smaller than 5 pixels
  34. Crop marks are wrongly placed
  35. Cover artwork is not set up
  36. Cover artwork setting is not clear
  37. Missing artwork
  38. Exported PDF
  39. Incorrect/insufficient artwork for embossing, hot foil stamping, spot varnish, etc.