CD/DVD packaging

Cardboard Sleeves

  • Suitable for CD and DVD packaging
  • Ideal for low cost products
  • Simple sleeves with a flap, double envelopes

Jewel Box

  • Suitable for CD and DVD packaging
  • Various tray and box colours
  • Possible to insert booklet+inlay

Cardboard Slipcases

  • Effective accessory for many common types of packaging
  • Can be combined with sleeves, Jewel Boxes, Media Books or other types of packaging
  • Effective and inexpensive method of marketing and increasing the value and presentation of the product
  • Various finishes


  • CD/DVD size, custom sizes
  • Wide range of standard products according to the number of panels and types of trays
  • Various types of cut-outs or pockets for printed material
  • Option of sewn or glued booklets


  • Suitable for CD and DVD packaging
  • Media is not placed on a tray, but on central foam holder or die cut, for example
  • Different formats - 4 pages, 6, 8 pages
  • Wide range of different finishes (embossing, laminating, cut-outs, etc.)


Mint Pack exists in 2 versions!
  • a/Two pockets: for 2 CDs or 1 CD and 1 booklet (max. 24 pages)
  • b/One pocket: for 1 CD and card or 1 CD with a 4 page booklet

Environmentally friendly production

  • Mint Pack is a type of cardboard packaging made of standard or FSC® material
  • 350 GC2 Cardboard Material Technology provides a strong and robust appearance
  • High capacity production with short lead times

Other possibilities

  • Mint Pack can also be an alternative to other types of packaging, such as GZpack, GZfile, etc. with up to 50% cost savings when compared to other types of packaging
  • Wide range of different finishes (embossing, laminating, cut-outs, etc.)
  • Excellent marketing tool, not only because of quality materials and FSC®  material