Printing alone is only the beginning of GZ‘s colourful and perfectly interlocking mosaic of polygraphic possibilities. Our selection of bonds and final finishes are further proof of the professional nature of GZ. Below are a few examples of services which we also offer:


  • 10 folding machines with various abilities
  • Maximum number of folds: 10
  • Maximum printed size: B1
  • Minimum printed and folded size: A7

V1 Binding

  • We have a total of 4 Muller Martini and Heidelberg machines
  • Daily capacity of over 200000 units
  • Minimum publication size : 52x74 mm
  • Special formats upon request

V2 Binding

  • We have 2 adhesive binding machines – Horizon and Muller Martini
  • Total daily capacity exceeding 50000 units

V8 Binding

  • Media Books - a special combination of strong V8 binding packaged with a CD/DVD. For more information, see Media Books section