In GZ Media, we’re constantly developing new ways to combat piracy and protect the intellectual property rights of our customers. For this reason, we’ve joined the Anti-Piracy Compliance Program of the Content Data & Storage Association (CDSA). We have introduced new procedures to help ensure that we are producing products which comply with our customers intellectual property rights while at the same time, producing CDs for legitimate copyright owners without delays, hassle or complicated paperwork.

In allignment with the CDSA program, we require the following documentation from our customers (depending on media format):

For CD-Audio or Audio-DVD s, we require a track list and information detailing the song title, artist name, author and running time for each track. In addition, we also ask you to confirm that you own a copy of the license stating that you are the owner of the intellectual property rights.

In the case of CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, we request that a new section of the order form be filled out. You will need to specify the nature of the content (whether it is freely distributable data without a license, whether you have been granted permission to distribute the data or if you own the rights directly). Furthermore, we would also request a list of company names of all executable software programs and files in compressed or compressed form and that proof of ownership of a replication license from the intellectual property rights owner is to be provided. If the files are packed, encrypted or protected by a password, please supply detailed instructions on how to unpack or decrypt them.

In the case of DVD-Video, it is only necessary to describe the contents of the disk on our order form. We will also ask for written confirmation of the production license from the copyright owner to be provided.
Being associated with the CDSA program also enables us to consult with the applicable governing bodies (eg, IFPI, BSA and OSA) concerning property rights ownership. In such consultation, we only disclose the information required to determine the owner of the relevant intellectual property at hand.

Please contact your GZ account manager for further information or see