For uploading respective data for your order (master + artwork) we are standardly using our FTP server. Accesses will be granted upon request by your contact person in GZ. Simultaneously, we encourage you to go through instructions listed below.

Every master or artwork is checked before putting into production to ensure proper technical conditions. You will be always informed in case of any discrepancies found.

Please follow these instructions:

• Create 1 folder corresponding to the order – title and name it by a catalogue number of the title (if you are uploading more titles at once, sort them into individual folders),
• in the main folder, create 2 separate folders, for master and artwork as shown below,
• upload master in compressed form. We are accepting these archive files: RAR, 7Z, ZIP, SIT, ALZ, BZ2,ARJ, other upon request,
• please attach tracklist with times of individual tracks (it's important for studio to check),
• if you are unable to upload a compressed file for any reason, it's necessary to provide a control code*. With this code it's possible to identify possible data corruption during transfer in FTP or to detect unwanted manipulation with the data. We are accepting codes MD5, CRC32 and SHA1. Every file has to have it's code calculated individually and the list of the files with control codes has to be a part of the documentation,
*Control codes can be generated for example with programs HashCalc, MD5summer or FreeCommander which can be found on the internet and are free to use.
• Upload Artworks as separate PDF files for every print component separately and name them by the type of print matter.
Example of uploading on FTP:

Instruction for uploading data on the FTP

Instruction for FTP - how to use it PDF download here