To process your order, it is important for us to receive your print materials (artwork) in compliance with our technical requirements to enable it to be processed by the technologies used in GZ Media.
From the very beginning, our team is ready to consult your ideas and provide further related services with the aim to get the best possible result.

We offer the following services free of charge:
·         checking the artwork you supply, including its correct placement in the GZ templates; it is always done within 48 hours from releasing your order for production (the check can take longer in case of complex products – e.g. multipage brochures)
·         option to send your materials for author correction after the pre-print processing in GZ Media
·         printing based on the certified digital proofs supplied by you and prepared in compliance with the FOGRA standard, colour matching is always done before the application of print finishes
·         - providing semi-finished products or components during the production process, e.g. the first printed sheets with/without print finishes, components after cutting or other production operations etc. from a mass production without interrupting or suspending the production process

Paid services (prices provided upon request):
·         preliminary check of your artwork and its placement in the GZ template before the order is released for production (applicable only for already existing templates/products)
·         minor corrections of your data
·         production of certified digital proofs (system FOGRA 51 and 47)
·         provision of the first printed sheets, the so-called wetproofs, from the mass production with an interruption of the printing process, which continues once you approve the print quality*
*the services may be unavailable due to production capacity

In GZ Media we use:
·         printing in accordance with the ISO 12647-2:2004 standard
·         FOGRA 51 for coated paper
·         FOGRA 47 for uncoated paper
·         Certification of digital proofs in accordance with the GMG standard
·         PDF in accordance with the PDF-X/1a standard