GZ Media, a.s. is not a newbie on the market, which is why we prepared this section with frequently asked questions.

The world of vinyl records and CD/DVD production is so specific that nobody can know the answers to all the questions concerning details of the production process, from the order up to the distribution. Nobody but GZ Media. There are clear answers to many of such questions arising in connection with the production of vinyl records and CDs. However, what is clear to ones might not be that clear to others. Which is why we prepared this list of frequently asked questions with answers, saving your time and helping you find answers to your questions. And in case you don’t find your answer in the list, do not despair! We have a professional customer service ready to provide all the necessary information.

Are the prices in the price quotation with tax?

Our prices in the price quotation are always without VAT, unless specified otherwise.

Are there any countries to which my order cannot be delivered?

Our products are dispatched all over the world except the Russian Federation. We recommend that you consult any deliveries outside the EU member states with the GZ Customer Service in advance due to customs regulations.

Can I change the specification of my order during the production process?

Yes, but before the change is implemented, the status of all the components and the degree and value of their completion must be verified, which you will then be required to pay. An administrative fee is charged for every change implemented according to the standard price list. Keep in mind that if changes are made, the originally determined order completion date will not be met.

Can I pay extra to speed up the production?

No, it is not possible to pay extra to speed up the production. The production process depends on technological times necessary for the production and completing of each of the components.

How can I track my order status during the production process?

You can track the status of your order using the GZ Customer Portal. Your access to the Portal has been created together with your Customer’s Account. You will learn how to use it in the “Order Process – How to do it” section. If your access has not been created yet, please get in touch with your contact person in GZ.

How to order?

In the “Order” section please go to “Order Process”, where you will find a structured overview with recommendations for every step of your order. If you didn’t find what you were looking for, please contact us at RFQ@gzmedia.cz.

How to upload your data to FTP?

To upload the materials related to your order (master + artwork) our FTP server is normally used. Your access name and password will be given to you upon request by your contact person in GZ. Before the first upload we also recommend you to go through the instructions found in the “Order – Order Process” section.

I do not know anything about artwork, can GZ Media prepare my artwork?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Our graphic designers provide only pre-print services for production and check that the materials you supply match the technical requirements.

I found a mistake during the author correction, what do I do?

If you find a mistake during the author correction, you have to rework your materials and supply new ones. If you save your new materials to our FTP, please mark the file as another version or include date in the name of the file. If our objections are not clear, please get in touch with your contact person in GZ.

In what format should audio materials (master) be best supplied and how are they processed?

Master is the key part of your order and it is absolutely necessary to make sure that the supplied materials (master, tracklist – a list of tracks in the pdf format) meet the processing criteria. Technical conditions can be found the section “Order – Preparation of materials”.

Is it possible to deliver goods to a different address than stated in the order?

Yes, it is possible to change the delivery address if you notify us no later than 48 hours before the planned dispatch date. Any changes announced later might not be accepted depending on the delivery status and an administration fee is charged according to your price list.

Is it possible to deliver goods to more than one address?

Yes, we can send your order to multiple addresses. An administration fee is charged for processing the delivery starting with the third address, in according to your price list. A list of all complete addresses including contact details must be supplied together with your order.

Is it possible to produce only packaging?

Yes, it is possible to produce only packaging without media, however, we always prefer the production of a complete product, including the assembly services.

Is it possible to visit GZ Media and watch the production of my order?

Unfortunately, this is normally not possible. The only exception is if you require to be present at the beginning of the printing in order to set colours correctly, e.g. according to a digital proof which you supplied. However, please note that the availability of this service depends on the current production capacity.

Uploading to FTP is inconvenient for me, is it possible to send the materials in a different way?

Yes, you can also send us your materials using a physical data carrier, by e-mail or using internet services, such as Úschovna or Wetransfer, depending on the size of the file. Physical materials must be sent to GZ Media address and your contact person at the Customer Service department must be notified by e-mail.

VAT and export duty

VAT rate is always invoiced based on the tax status of the buyer (ordering party) and the address to which the goods should be delivered.

Buyer Delivery address
CZ EU DE, GB, FR Third countries
Domestic VAT payer
(with valid domestic Tax Identification Number)
VAT 21%
VAT 21% VAT 21% exempt
from VAT
Person registered for tax
in another EU member state

(with valid registration for VAT
in another EU member state)
from VAT
from VAT
(without domestic Tax Identification Number
or registration in another EU member state)
VAT 21% VAT 19% (DE),
20% (GB a FR)
What are digital proofs?

Proofs present a reliable method of checking colours during printing, identifying problematic places. Digital proofs are prepared using special certified printers and we can provide them upon request. You can also send us proofs to have a colour match check carried out, but it is necessary to ensure that the proof is created using an ISO certified printer.

What are surface finishes?

These are refinements of the surface of the materials on which we print, carried out to protect it against damage (e.g. scratches, tear, etc.), extending its durability.

What are the payment conditions?

If you are a new customer, an advance payment is required.

What are the production periods?

This is difficult to tell, the production periods vary based on the type of the product and its specification (e.g. material, surface finishes, etc.) and based on the quantity ordered. CD/DVD production process can take about 2-3 weeks, in the case of vinyl records* the production takes 1 month and longer. The production period for printed materials is determined mainly by the complexity of the product and based on the production capacity currently available. We can inform you about the preliminary production period after we receive all the necessities for processing your order (in case of advance payment after the payment is credited).

* does not apply if samples (the so-called Test Pressing) are part of your order

What are the technical requirements for artwork preparation?

Technical requirements for artwork preparation are specified in the section “Order – Preparation of materials – Artwork – Technical requirements”.

What does the final price of my product consist of?

Final price of the product consists of the prices of the individual components and services (e.g. mastering, transport, etc.). Unit price of the individual components and services can be found in the Price Quotation. Prices of services are always calculated separately and are not included in the unit price of products.

What is DTP?

DTP or Desktop Publishing, is the electronic preparation of a printed product using a computer. To create the product, a graphic program is needed together with a computer and its operator (usually a graphic designer).

In GZ the materials supplied by customers are processed in electronic form, so that further processing and production of printing plates from this data is possible. Printing data must be correct, free of formal errors and all objects must be well defined in terms of colour and geometry in compliance with technical requirements.

What is preprint preparation?

If you order production of printed materials or some of the components are printed materials (e.g. labels, packaging, posters, etc.), the materials you supply must be checked to ensure that they are in compliance with the technical requirements for printing. The output of this stage is a printing plates.

What is shrink wrap?

Shrink wrap is used to protect completed products. Heat shrink wrap adjusts to the shape of a product package, protecting it against scratches or damage.

What is the Author correction?

Author correction is the option to request the processed artwork to be sent to you for one last check before printing. If you wish to use this service, you must specify this request in your order and email us a written approval after the check is done. We do not provide this service as a part of our standard services and we only contact you if we find any shortcomings in your artwork.

What is the colour specification of packaging?

Full-colour print in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) is the most commonly used. However, we also offer direct colour print using the PMS colours = PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM.

What is the minimum possible quantity to order?

The minimum quantity for ordering CD/DVD is 500 pcs, 300 pcs for vinyl records and 500 pcs for separate printed materials.

What materials are used to make packaging for music media?

GZ Media offers a large variety of packaging, which determines the materials used. White-grey and white-white cardboards of various weights (e.g. 240gsm, 300gsm or 350gsm) are some of the standardly used materials.

Where can I find the forms for placing my order?

All the forms can be found in the section “Order – Order Process – Forms”.

Where can I find the right templates for my product?

GZ offers a catalogue of templates to its customers FOR FREE. You can find the templates in the section “Order – Preparation of materials – Artwork”.

If you cannot find the template which you would like to use for your product, let us know, we can send it to you or prepare a new one. In the case of a new product realisation, there is a charge for the die-cutting tools.

Which payment methods are accepted?

The standard payment method is wire transfer, but it is also possible to pay by payment card. If you wish to pay by card, you must complete the Payment Card Payment Authorization which can be found in the section “Order – Order Process – Forms – Payment Card Payment Authorization/Payment by Card".

Why was the production postponed after the author correction was approved?

Author correction is the last check of the artwork before production, if you require it. If you fail to send your confirmation on time (within 4 hours from the time it was sent from GZ Media), we give the production capacity to other orders. Once we receive your confirmation, we will assign you the nearest available production term.