FTP instructions

FTP instructions

Working with FTP server - user's guide PDF download

Data transmission via FTP server

The source data for production transmitted via FTP server must contain the check elements enabling the verification of data integrity prior to the production itself. Without check elements it is impossible to guarantee the conformity of files received by the manufacturer to the original files on the side of customer.
The orders, which do not contain the check elements, are suspended until the customer sends the data in acceptable format. If the customer insists on the production from non-secured data, he will assume all risks related to any possible undesirable changes of data during its transmission and storage.

The check elements can be supplied in one of the following ways:

The check code supplied separately

There must be supplied the check codes, by means of which it is possible to verify any damage to data or an unauthorised manipulation with data.
We accept the MD5, CRC32 and SHA1 codes. The code must be calculated separately for each file and a “List of files with checking codes” must be attached to the documentation. The check codes can be created using applications HashCalc, MD5summer or FreeCommander which are available on internet and may be used free of charge.

Format of source data, which already contains the check elements

ISZ, UIF – compressed formats of disc images with the check elements
APE, FLAC - lossless compressed audio formats with the check elements

Source data packed in the archive

The files representing the image of disc, DDP, CMF or individual files, which do not contain any check elements (for example WAV or AIFF files), must be packed in one single file that can contain even the documentation.

Acceptable archive files: RAR, 7Z, ZIP, SIT, ALZ, BZ2, ARJ, ACE, other formats might be accepted only with prior agreement with the pre-mastering department.
In case of any other questions feel free to ask your CS representative or sales manager of our GZ team.